Sunday, January 8, 2012

Starting Off the New Year

1) It was sad singing The First Nowell (that's how it was spelled) at the end of Mass today because the Christmas season is ending. I thought I was going to cry.
2) I liked seeing the little children go up to the manger at the front of the church.
3) Still not a communion minister due to paperwork snafu about pervert awareness training, which I attended.

4) Attended last BIG holiday party yesterday. There was a white elephant gift exchange. When your name was picked you got to open a new gift or steal a gift from someone else. Then that someone else could choose or steal a new gift. I didn't like the stealing from children. I thought that was mean.
5) No one ate the food I brought. Why bother? There were other food contributions that went uneaten because there was so much food.
6) A baby was dropped on her head with a thud on the tile floor that brought conversation to a halt. The baby was silent at first, cried a little, and seemed fine. I thought ice should've been put on her head or more concern shown, but I guess not. Young mother said baby is fine.  What if the baby had a concussion?

7) As a Christmas present to all parish families, my pastor ordered thousands of copies of the CD "Seven Pillars of Faith" by Matthew Kelly. Now would be a good time to listen to it if I could find it. Who let all this paperwork into my home?? Tell me, who?

8) Following a lead from a fellow blogger, I requested a new patron saint for this year. Request went into black hole. I've decided to let St. Ulrich be my patron saint. You never know what could happen. Maybe another blogger is right and St. Ulrich does have a light case load and is ready to help work miracles for me.

9) Went on crazy (for me) plant food diet last week, so I could get back into my pants (which shrunk after attending too many Christmas parties). Cheated on diet at yesterday's party and woke up feeling a bit sick and like I had some kind of food hangover. Ugh. Maybe there is something to all that talk about sugar levels spiking and crashing and nutrients for energy and whatnot.

10) At Mass last week (New Year's Day), the lights seemed kind of dim as if they wanted to accommodate people with a hangover.
11) Mass today was extra smokey with all the incense.
12) The first thing I saw upon entering the church today was a person in a cow costume with a creepy plastic cow mask. The cow was to  promote the Heifer Project. The cow was petting the real dog. I hope the cow had the proper paperwork in accordance with the diocese. The dog had the proper service-puppy-in-training vest on. The dog is a regular animal at Mass.
13) Did I just write about a cow at church?

14) I'm lonely. I kind of feel like calling up my ex-boyfriend. He's not the best boyfriend. Smart me vs. lonely me.

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"All in His Perfect Timing" said...

#6 ... Ummm, wow! That would hurt a big person, never mind a BABY!
I think there must be something to your diet. I've been trying to eat less sugar and carbs. If it works, that's great, cause my pants shrunk too!
Praying for ya ... especially about deciding whether or not to call your ex!