Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Single Mother, Pro-Life, Suffering

Yesterday I came across a  blog of a Catholic, young, single mother named Amanda. She recently gave birth to conjoined twins who are in the NICU in a Chicago hospital. Alone she is keeping vigil at her daughters' bedside.

An article was written about her in the Chicago Sun-Times when she was pregnant because she chose life. The Pro-Life Action League website also featured her. Her first doctor encouraged abortion, and that breaks my heart.

It breaks my heart that people encourage women to kill their own babies.

It breaks my heart because no one threw her a baby shower.

One reason people have told her that she should abort is because her children will suffer. Everyone suffers one way or another. It may be physical suffering, or emotional suffering. One may suffer when he or she is young or he or she is old. There is no guarantee that a physically healthy newborn will never suffer.

Back to the story at hand, I'm not sure how to leave a comment on her blog.

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