Saturday, September 24, 2011

Becoming A Person - Religious Education in the 1970s

I went to Catholic grade school in the 1970s, so of course I had religion class. We had a religion textbook and an additional book from the Becoming A Person series. No, it wasn't written by Carl Rogers that I know of.

These were touchy-feely Catholic books written for children that I really liked. I don't remember much about the religion textbook.

I bet I could write everything I learned in my years of Catholic school in one post because we were learning about becoming a person instead of becoming a Catholic.

Does anybody remember this series?

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Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

It just makes me want to retch, truly. I hate what was used back then. I am not sure that's what I had, but it was just as bad. Soooooo unnecessary! Who thought this was a good thing???

By the way, I left off the last section of Miss Gwen's post today… ack! I just restored it. So sorry!