Sunday, September 25, 2011

Seminarian, Dipping, Begging God for Help

Today's visiting priest was Father Norbert. He was Priest A from last week. But he didn't give a homily. Instead we had a first-year seminarian who spoke about answering God's call. I'm calling the seminarian BK because those are his initials. BK tied his speech into the reading quite nicely. He was also wearing a nice suit and tie. When was the last time I saw man in a suit and tie? It's been a really long time.

BK said he was engaged then felt a pull towards the priesthood. That's all well and good, but I couldn't help but think that somewhere out there is a youngish woman with a broken heart.  BK's story was very touching, and afterwards I told him so. I think it's important we encourage our priests and priests-to-be.

I was a communion minister today. I had the cup. One woman kept drinking and drinking. I thought she was going to drink the entire contents of the cup. Another woman dipped her host, which is a big NO-NO. I think I was suppose to stop her from doing that.

Afterwards I met with a friend, and we saw The Dolphin Tale. My friend is quite depressed and nervous because she works in a psychologically unhealthy place. She's sensitive to the fact that I am unemployed and wish I had a job. I once worked in that same psychologically unhealthy place. We're both looking for new jobs. I told her to keep on trying and hoping. I know I keep hoping. I hope then I cry. Then I hope and then I cry. Intermingled in this hoping and crying is the searching. But if I didn't have hope. I would be in DESPAIR. But really, what choice do I have?

Dear God, PLEASE give me strength to get through this job search. Dear God, please take care of my material needs (food, shelter) because I can barely take care of them myself. Dear God, please let my resume land in the hands of the right person or in front of the eyes of the right person. Dear God, please, please, please. I beg you for a job. Dear God, don't throw me out on the street, penniless. Dear God, please HELP.

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Seraphic said...

Yes, I also think about the girl. And I wonder what she thinks about her ex-fiance giving speeches about how he sacrificed their future together to his vocation. Once upon a time, she could have walloped him with a breech of promise suit.

Really, boys, save it for the confessional. As for touching, I know a great priest who became a priest after his fiancee died of cancer. And he doesn't tell that story from the pulpit.

However, if God has a plan for the seminarian, he has a plan for the girl the seminarian jilted, and I'm hoping for handsome, clever, hardworking husband, kids, interesting job and weekend country cottage.