Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Better Mother or Huh? Really? I don't think so. My mother was better.

I was over at Jill Stanek's blog and saw the video of a pro-choice group rudely interrupting a pro-life meeting at Georgia State University.

One young pro-abort woman said, "A woman has an abortion to be a better mother." I couldn't believe I heard that. That does not make sense. How can a mother be a mother if she's killing her babies? I don't know what kind of mother that young woman had, but she didn't have my mother.

My mother cared for people including the unborn. My mother wanted more children. My mother became involved with Birthright. My mother took care of me. My mother helped other people. My mother taught me to take the high road. She had very high moral standards. My mother took care of my father. I miss my mother. Oh, how I miss her. If only I could give my mom one more hug. 

The same young GSU woman also said the phrase, ". . . the child she carries in her womb." Well, at least the pro-abort KNOWS it's a CHILD in the womb. AND young Miss Pro-Abort said a woman who chooses an abortion chooses the "lesser of two evils." So she just said abortion is evil. Of course, she is implying that giving birth is also evil.

You'll see on Jill Stanek's blog that there's a cease and desist letter. Well, those pro-abort GSU students probably realized their actions and words didn't promote their cause and called a lawyer. They, especially that one young woman, saw they weren't using the proper pro-abortion words. I mean she said child in the womb. Whoops. If I were her, I wouldn't want that video out there for the world to see. Maybe she'll get kicked out of the pro-abort community.

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