Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mother Theresa Stamps

Today I bought Mother Theresa stamps, and nearly skipped out of the post office. I was thrilled that such a fine Catholic woman was being honored by the United States Postal Service. For a moment I thought maybe I would be thought of as a godly and saintly-like woman since Mother Theresa (or MT) and I are both Catholic. Yes, goodness by association. However, I am responsible for my own saintly-like behavior, which isn't very saintly.

I also bought some cartoon stamps because they're cute. Actually I get a kick out of Dennis the Menace.

I've been feeling guilty of a few things, so I better work a penance/confession/reconciliation into my calendar. If only we could email our guilty feelings to God, and receive absolution in our inbox. But no, I have to go see a priest. That's the way it works. And really, I would feel better seeing and hearing the words of absolution in person the way it's meant to be.

Speaking of recon(ciliation), I have always gone face-to-face. Never have I used that screen. Have you?

I like to say recon for some reason.

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