Friday, February 17, 2012

The More I Read, The More I Find or JP II and Housing

My father gave me a book: John Paul II An Invitation to Joy.  

I already posted one picture from the book. I keep finding more wonderful quotes from Blessed John Paul II. The book is filled with quotes and pictures.

Here's a quote for today:

(It's hard to pick just one.)

"Power is responsibility; it is service, not privilege. Its exercise is morally justifiable when it is used for the good of all, when it is sensitive to the needs of the poor and defenseless."  

           John Paul II, Evening Prayer, St. Louis, MO 1999.

It's easy to apply this quote to the pro-life movement, but what about the frail elderly? The blind? The paralyzed? The worker on the bottom rung of the career ladder? The naive? The sick? The unemployed? People who live in poorly constructed houses? Seriously, you pay good money to have a study home built according to code and one that can stand up to the elements. It's wrong for the contractor to take the money and do shoddy work. Your house could burn down due to poor electrical work, or the roof could fly off at the first big gust of wind.

Of course, Mother Nature will usually win, but you want a house that is safe as possible.

Somehow I managed to go from the Pope to home construction in this blog.

If you have power, use it wisely and for good. Help out whenever you can. Be kind and considerate.

Dear God, thank you for letting me help my father out. 



All in His Perfect Timing said...

I love JPII!!!
I got to see him in ST. Louis in 1999 at World Youth Day. It was amazing. He definitely electrified the crowd.

Lena said...

Wow! That is so cool you actually saw him. What a memory. He really did love the young. I remember he skied. JPII just exudes love.