Thursday, February 9, 2012

gods of American Mythology

God: Consumerism
Icon: Credit/ Debit Card
Worship Place: Shopping Mall, McMansion, Internet

God: Sex
Icons: Birth Control Pills and Condoms
Worship Places: Bedroom, television, music, movies, high school, PP establishments, abortion clinics, magazines, Internet

God: Electronics
Icon: Smart Phones
Worship Places: Crossing the street while cars swerve around you, dinner, waiting rooms, restaurants, homes, Internet

God: Car
Icon: SUVs
Worship Place: Road

God: Food
Icon: Burger, Fries, and Cola
Worship Places: massive supermarkets, fast food places, the car while driving

God: Power
Icon: Capitol Hill
Worship Places: Washington, D.C., Corporate suites, offices

God: Antichrist
Icon: ___________
Worship Place: Public schools, abortion clinics,

God: Drugs and Alcohol
Icon: Cold Medicine
Worship Places: Schools, homes, street corners, bars, restaurants, parties, behind-the-wheel, concerts, celebrations

Well, this has been a depressing post, and I can't think of a suitable icon for the antichrist. Yes, some of the icons and worship places can be used for good.