Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Television at Three O'Clock in the Morning

Another part for Sunday, May 1, 2011's entry:

3) The priest started the homily and asked if anyone got up at 3:00 am to watch the beautification. I thought he was going to say royal wedding. Many of  us looked embarrassed, and a few hands went up showing they were with-it with the latest saint in the making. Pope John Paul II was beautified in Rome, and the priest got up early to watch it.

The priest also showed us the stole he was wearing. It had a big "I" and "M" on  a blue field, which was JPII's logo or crest from his papacy. The priest said he and all the other co-celebrants rec'd the stole when the the Pope was in Chicago in 1979. Wow. Suddenly, this priest was a celebrity in my eyes, but I'm not sure of his name. I felt wowed that I was standing in the same room as someone who shared the altar with the pope. Wow!

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