Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Value System I Do Not Understand or Call in the Psychologists

A Soap Opera of an adult topic, but this is a real story:

I was listening to a frenemy tell her story. She divorced her third husband. And then she developed an electronic relationship with a man named Darmin (a name I made up), whom she went to elementary school with so long ago. They will be going to a B&B soon. She expects to sleep with him [am I telling a story or gossiping?], but expected that her first sexual experience after her divorce will be traumatic.She doesn't want to associate Darmin with any trauma, so she found another guy to sleep with. She said sleeping with the other guy was traumatic..

Um, why sleep with anyone right now? If it's going to be traumatic, why do it? Perhaps a psychologist would better be able to answer this question. I was just clueless about the whole thing. I was also clueless as to all the slang she was using, so I kept asking her to clarify. What I do hate is feeling naive (sp?). Sometimes I feel like I should be living in a different era because I don't always jive with this era.

And why am I referring  to her as a frenemy? Call in the psychologists.

Maybe I'll write a post about how and why we became friends.


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