Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I Wanted to Leave a Comment on Simcha's Blog

My post today is about this:

I wanted to write a comment on Simcha's Fisher blog post, but due to goofy Disquis or whatever that stupid program is called, I couldn't.

I think the project is just another way for men who have used porn to make themselves feel better.  It's like the hot or not site.

Men with this particular sin, how about writing a thoughtful essay on how you came to the conclusion that viewing pornography is objectifying???

 Every cell in my female body says this is a misguided project and wrong. In fact, it seems icky to me. And Darren Cools, is your goal to make a woman icky and uncomfortable? 'Cause that's what you're doing to me. 

Darren Cools wrote this comment in reply to another woman's opposing opinion: 
"It's important to remember that the women in question have already 
publicized their names, faces and much more (or someone else has, 
despite them) across the internet." 

This is what I say: Just because a person has disgraced him or herself or was exploited, doesn't mean you get to perpetuate the bad behavior. 

Ladies, what is your take???

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Anonymous said...

I was disturbed by the concept as well. It would be as if an alcoholic goes to an AAA meeting and publicly names the people who've been hurt by his or her alcoholism without their permission, and then refused to name him or herself.

I was also disturbed by some of Darren's responses which came off as incredibly patronizing. It didn't seem as if he was genuinely interested in any of the women's concerns. In fact, it didn't seem as if he was genuinely interested in any of the women as fully realized human beings with minds and opinions of their own.