Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Priest Took the Holy Water Away - Updated

UPDATE: I spoke to the pastor who said it's a Lent thing. He did not use that exact phrase. He used appropriate priestly words. Right now we are to concentrate on our journey with Jesus. The Holy Water will return at Easter. You can bet some of us will really, really, really appreciate. Lent does feel like a desert w/no Holy Water. 

Yes, the pastor at my parish took away the Holy Water!!!! A lady at my parish told me it's because the priest said we "weren't using it right." Well, if the congregation needs correction, correct us by using words! It's like we're children, and he's the parent. The lady also said that he said that we don't need the holy water.

We need more holiness, not less.

What can I do?


I am concerned.

You know when you walk in, and you bless yourself with holy water, and it's a reminder of our baptismal promises? Yep, the holy water fount is GONE!


All in His Perfect Timing said...

HUH????? That is so wrong, I don't have words. I know they take holy water out of the font/dipping cups by the door (can't think of that name!) on Good Friday-Easter ... but just because people weren't using it right??? Weird.
Also ... HOW do people not use it right? It is SO simple to make a sign of the cross entering or leaving church. That should have been worked into a homily.

Becky said...

Perhaps people were doing what my kids do--dunking their entire hands in and swishing it around???

(this is supposed to be a sarcastic guess.)

We NEED holy water for holiness. Our Lady has said in many of her apparitions (Fatima, Lourdes,ect), that we need blessed objects.

That is so weird. Maybe you should ask the archdiocese about it just as a concerned parishioner? They could keep you anonymous.

Stephanie said...

Perhaps the woman you spoke too was misinformed? I would suggest going directly to the source, and asking your priest about it. If your concerns remain after speaking with him about it, then you can go to the diocesan level. I do believe I've heard something about removing holy water for the duration of Lent. Perhaps he is a part of that camp?