Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sign Language, Divine Mercy, Returning to Bible Study, T.V.

 This past Sunday, a visiting priest from Jacksonville, Florida, said Mass. He said he was in town for a conference for Catholics who are deaf. He actually signed the Eucharist prayer (as well as saying it aloud). Also he taught us a few gestures to use as we said the Our Father. How wonderful to have a priest with the gift of sign language. I hope all our deaf Catholic brothers and sisters who rely on sign language have contact with a signing priest. The sign for peace is like calming the waters.

 Link: International Catholic Deaf Association

Last night I went to a talk given by the Marians about the Divine Mercy. What a gift, what a treasure the Divine Mercy is. The Divine Mercy is one of the riches of the Catholic church. I am so glad to be Catholic. On priest brought a big negative of the photo of the Shroud of Turin. When lit from behind you can see how the image of the Divine Mercy matches up with Shroud of Turin image. I felt a shiver. We said the Divine Mercy chaplet, and we each were blessed w/the a first class relic of St. Faustina.

Link: Marians

This evening I returned to a Catholic Bible study that I dropped out of two years ago. It was good to be back. We study the Bible in conjunction with the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I feel kind of happy that I went to my Bible study.

Right new Primetime is airing an hour long program on Mary. Yes, our Blessed Mother. I turned the program on late. Did you watch this program? What did you think of it? How is Catholicism portrayed?

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