Sunday, August 1, 2010

Joyful Music and Clutter

Hi, it is a sunny day today, so that made this morning's mass all the better since a lot of sunshine came through the windows. My church has a lot of clear glass windows. Yes, it has stained glass windows too.

Before Mass was I was scrapbooking and feeling overwhelmed by all the paper and stickers I have. In my ideal life, I would use it all up and buy no more. In reality I buy more and get annoyed by the stuff taking over my living room.

Today's homily was about hoarding, giving our possessions away, and that relationships are more important. Amen to that. I feel inspired to give things away. After Mass I visited my friend in the hospital. I gave her a wildlife book, and some stickers and paper to play with. Last night I was up until 3:00 a.m. making advent calendars (to give away) trying to use up my Christmas papers. My advent calenders look very, very homemade, which they are.

Our closing hymn was "Sign Me Up." It's a clapping your hands joyful song. I like that kind of music in church.

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