Sunday, April 25, 2010


Attended Mass at a different parish today due to logistics with the baptism. The church is round and the interior is brick with every third brick or so being a colored glass brick. The colored glass bricks were lit from behind, so it had the look of stain glass, but it wasn't. Well, after a while I expected the church to start spinning around and then lift off for its home planet.

There were four babies and one little girl being baptized, and all the
little siblings and cousins were very well behaved. Families and their children remained quiet in their pews when another baby and family were up at the Baptism fount. Everyone was actually respectful and clapped after each family completed the baptismal rite. This multi-children baptismal was refreshing because I’ve attended many baptisms where children ran around like crazy dogs and the adults chattered among their selves with no regard to the holiness of the event. I was impressed.

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