Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Orignal Sin

I like baptisms. I am glad I was baptised as an infant. It gives me a secure feeling. Even though I've made all my other sacraments, baptism ensures that I have that indelible mark as a Catholic, as a Christian, as belonging to
God. If I wasn't baptised, I would feel like I was driving through life without my seatbelt on. How does it feel to not be baptised and not be any other religon? How do you just not belong to anything? Baptism is the joy.

The judgment is the original sin part. Sure, baptism washes it away, but the baby hasn't committed any sin. You're born, and you already have sin that needs to be eradicated. That's just not psychologically healthy. Adam and Eve messed up, not baby Taylor, not baby Elizabeth, not baby Annie, not baby Jimmy. The Church says it's a mystery, but I thinks that's just a cop-out statement. Now wonder they say Catholics perfected guilt: you're born, you take your first breath and already SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOUR BEING that needs to be corrected. Church fathers, let's get rid of the original sin. The concept is not healthy. There's no original sin. I reject the very concept.

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