Monday, March 9, 2015

Respecting Boundaries, Respecting Privacy

Boundaries, People, Boundaries.

Boundaries are healthy.

You can't just go willy-nilly wherever you feel like.

I'm talking about this story:

Maybe next time I'm on a commercial airplane, I'll self-identify as a pilot. Do you think they'll let me in the cockpit?
Why not?
Because I'm NOT a pilot.
Would that be safe if I just marched into the cockpit?
No, even though I'm harmless.

Maybe when I go to England, I'll just wander into the private quarters of a castle because I feel like a princess.
Do you think that will be allowed?? Ha.

Then one day I'll self-identify as a surgeon and stroll into an operating room without scrubbing away all the germs. Never mind that I've never taken an anatomy class in my life.
Is that okay?
Why not?
It puts the patient at risk.

I mean, I've worked in offices where I needed security badges because of confidential information that I worked with. There were no naked people, open wounds, or navigational equipment.
So why is it okay to let anyone into a place where people are naked and vulnerable???
It's not.
Some actions are simply not appropriate.

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