Monday, January 27, 2014

Late January 2014 - Can't even think of an interesting title

I continue to ask myself if I want to continue this blog, so don't be surprised if someday all the posts disappear.

Today I put away my Christmas decorations. I really enjoyed the seeing the bright and shiny Christmas objects displayed, but I knew if I didn't put them away I would get annoyed with them at some point. I enjoyed the loveliness and sentiment of each ornament as I packed my box one last time this season. I can fit everything in one box because that's all I have room for.

So, do I try Catholic Match or not? I mean, I am NOT dead yet.

Speaking of marriage, yesterday at Mass a couple was celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. Usually, it's really wonderful and inspiring when an old couple celebrates or renews their wedding vows at Mass. People get teary-eyed and such. I've seen the groom of long-ago get all wonderfully emotional. Yesterday's couple didn't look so celebratory. They looked sturdy, I'll give them that. They also looked (I sit in the front, so I see these things) a bit dazed. Maybe they were. Maybe they were worried about something. The priest blessed them and all, so it was a big deal.

I think I've written about how my parents renewed their vows for their 40th anniversary at a Mass and the wonderfulness of that. What a happy day that was.

I think it's great when old married people are celebrating their anniversary at Mass, but I think it's greater when they look happy about it, not exhausted or dazed or confused. Maybe they were dazed wondering how they got it Year 60!

Oh, I recently went to my work Christmas party (yes, during Ordinary time, but the company isn't efficiently run), and remembered how much fun I have dancing. I need to dance more.

And yes, the nativity scene is STILL in the break room at work. I don't know if everyone likes it there, and or those who would be offended just haven't given it a close look. I think if it's not on their screen of their smart phone or if it isn't food, people don't see things in the break room.

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