Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Awareness Month

It's B****t Cancer Awareness Month. Yep, I'm aware they are part of my body and cancer can grow at any minute. I am aware that I could have cancer in any part of my body. Let me ruminate and be gloomy. And I'm very skeptical that buying pink crap helps find the cure. I read a book about it once.

Its Downs Syndrome Awareness Month, Yep, I am aware some people have Downs Syndrome. You know what? I see people who appear to have Downs Syndrome out in the community living their lives such as checking out a library book, searching for something in the grocery store, going to the movies, attending Mass, eating in a restaurant, enjoying a summer day in the park. Gosh, that's the same stuff people without Downs Syndrome do.

Now Big Company I'm working at is starting a Transgender Awareness Campaign.

How about a campaign about people who like to sleep in late and how you shouldn't expect them in the office until about 10 or 11 in the morning? The symbol could be a pillow. We're not all morning people especially when it's raining outside.

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All in His Perfect Timing said...

I am ALL for the sleeping late / Sleep Awareness Month - I will be the first to volunteer to make posters and create awareness ... just let me take a quick nap. :-)
I realize that businesses have to be all "equalizers" and such ... but Transgender Awareness??? Really? That doesn't even rise to anything in comparison to B. Cancer or Down Syndrome Awareness!!