Monday, June 20, 2011

My Parish Church Looks Just Fine

I had dinner with two of my Catholic friends. These are practicing Catholic friends. One is very traditional, and one is somewhat traditional. They were talking about how some churches don't look like very traditional Gothic churches, mine included.

I like my parish church. Even if it is egg shaped, and the walls are cement blocks. I like that the stained glass windows are of a modern design. I like my church even if we sit on chairs and not pews. It's my church where many sacraments are celebrated. It's the church where I attend Mass and feel the presence of God. So what if it was built during the "worship center" phase of church architecture? Since when does the design make a place holy? That's my church where I celebrate with friends. It's where the Word of God is spoken. It's where I distribute Communion. It's where I pray with my Catholic community. It's where I hear the homily of my pastor. It's where I go for reconciliation. It's where I go every week to reset my spiritual gauge on catholicism. It's my church, and right now it's where I am invested.

Yes, I'm feeling defensive.

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