Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Title, OLOG, K of C

I just changed my blog title and address because the Eucharist is THE reason I am Catholic and will always be so.

I asked my pastor about the OLOG-Revelations connection. There is no official connection because OLOG is the past and Revelation will be the future. Father G's explanation was a lot more detailed except that I forgot all he said. After he explained it all, I felt like saying, "Duh!" to myself.

On Saturday night I accompanied my father to a Knights of Columbus banquet. I have known most of his fellow knights and their wives since childhood. I think what good friends they have been to my father and to me too. Before my mother passed away, she was a dear friend to a number of the wives there. My father and my mother lived in a different state for ten years where they enjoyed their golden years in the sunshine. The council my father belonged to there were also excellent friends and really came through for us when my mother passed away.

The Knights were formed to help the widows and orphans, and the widows are always included. I know a man named - well, I forgot his name - but he died back in the 1970's, and his wife STILL comes to council events. She has not been forgotten, and she is always, always welcome. Once a man joins the Knights of Columbus, his family is part of the Knights forever too.

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