Thursday, February 20, 2014

I Wrote Seven Quick Takes Without Meaning To - It Just Happened that Way

1) Little nativity set is still in the break room at work. Some people have brought in some nice plants to place on either side of it. It's a nice little display.

2) Co-worker was very appreciative of his care package. I had a fantastic Valentine's Day at work. I walked in, and there was a bacon donut on my desk. THE BEST. I had a very happy mouth. People really out did themselves for the office potluck.

3) I really like being a Communion Minister. Everyone looks so beautiful when they receive. It doesn't matter the age, the sex, the whatever, everyone looks like a beloved child of God when they're in front of me receiving.

4) I remember the days when people would not receive from an extraordinary minister of communion. You know what, I cannot deconsecrate the Host or the blood of Christ. I can't make it unholy.

5) The group of elderly from the assisted living facility haven't been attending Mass. I'm guessing it's because of the bad weather. With the ice and snow and extreme cold, some people may not make it back to the rest home. Maybe they'll come back in the spring. They aren't the sturdiest bunch, and a strong wind could do them in.

6) It stresses me out when my father insists on going out in bad weather. I wish he would wear a helmet just in case he slips on the ice. He's had a few close calls. His house is very messy, and it looks like a frat house. He does have someone who comes in and cleans, but I was scrubbing things in the kitchen. If my mom or my grandmother were around, they would get on his case for sure. He says men don't see the dirt.

7) Anybody out there doing elder care for their parents?????

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