Sunday, June 5, 2016

You Can Order Becky's Book: The Little Flower: A Parable of St. Thérèse of Liseux

Leila of the Little Catholic Bubble blog once referred to Becky Arganbright  as "Our Becky." She blogs at I have read her other blogs, and she is an inspiration to us all.

Becky wrote a book, which you can order from Gracewatch Media
"Becky Arganbright has adapted St. Thérèse’s lesson of the little flowers into a delightful parable for children. The young Thérèse learns that even though she might be little, with God’s help, her littleness can be a way of doing great things for the Kingdom of God."

Click Here to Order Wonderful Book 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Rosary Awkwardness

I always need a cheat booklet when saying the rosary, probably because I don't say it that often. If with others, and it's my turn to lead I mess up without my booklet. And I always lose track of what bead I am on. I know that is the purpose of the beads - to help you keep track of your Hail Marys.

I have leadership skills in other areas, but not in the rosary.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Medical Problems - Sinkhole

Hi. Thank you for your comments and prayers.
My father is better off than he was in July, but worse off since March.

It's all very sad for the both of us.

I wish I could say I watched all the Pope Francis in America events, but I did not see any of it.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Medical Industrial Complex Sinkhole

My father had a minor injury several months ago and went to the hospital. Big mistake. Now he is sucked in and getting sicker and sicker and sicker. I can't save him. I want to. He can't save himself. Maybe there will be a miracle. Didn't an angel release the chains when St. Paul was in prison? Am I correct?

Sure, modern medicine can be wonderful, but . . .

I cry everyday.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Ceremony of Innocence - A Short Review

Finally, finally, I read Ceremony of Innocence by Dorothy Cummings McLean and published by Ignatius Press.

Ceremony of Innocence is a timely smart novel set in Germany. The main character Catriona is Catholic and real, meaning she has warts and flaws. Though it was an enjoyable read, I wouldn't say it was light. In fact, I appreciate the fact that it's a meaty, complex novel without being cumbersome. In fact I'm going to read it again because there are aspects of the story I want to chew over and think about. I want to talk about this book with someone else who has also read it.

No Longer a Pack Mule

I'm in my third home since the beginning of the year. My most gracious friend and her husband said they are grateful they are able to give me a home and told me to feel like their home is my home, and I can stay as long as I need to. That provides me with emotional security, as I can move forward.

My parish and the people in it are being helpful too.

For so long, I felt like I carried the burden of unemployment and financial problems alone. And the relatives who did provide financial assistance also provided lectures and criticism. Hey, didn't they notice the RECESSION and UNEMPLOYMENT and ALL the FORECLOSURES that were going on this country for the past seven years or so.

Now I am not alone anymore.

I've given up a lot, and I know I'll be giving up more, but I do not have to worry about that which I have given up.

My father is in the hospital and said he's depressed. I'm going to call his friends and let them know how he is feeling. I want my dad to feel love and joy.

Last week the doctors and nurses were about to rush him off to emergency surgery. I called for a priest, and the chaplain was paged. A chaplain showed up who was not a priest. We and several nurses stood around my dad and prayed. Then the doctor determined my father did not need surgery just then! Now he is slowly getting better. Actually the chaplain gave me much emotional support.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Respecting Boundaries, Respecting Privacy

Boundaries, People, Boundaries.

Boundaries are healthy.

You can't just go willy-nilly wherever you feel like.

I'm talking about this story:

Maybe next time I'm on a commercial airplane, I'll self-identify as a pilot. Do you think they'll let me in the cockpit?
Why not?
Because I'm NOT a pilot.
Would that be safe if I just marched into the cockpit?
No, even though I'm harmless.

Maybe when I go to England, I'll just wander into the private quarters of a castle because I feel like a princess.
Do you think that will be allowed?? Ha.

Then one day I'll self-identify as a surgeon and stroll into an operating room without scrubbing away all the germs. Never mind that I've never taken an anatomy class in my life.
Is that okay?
Why not?
It puts the patient at risk.

I mean, I've worked in offices where I needed security badges because of confidential information that I worked with. There were no naked people, open wounds, or navigational equipment.
So why is it okay to let anyone into a place where people are naked and vulnerable???
It's not.
Some actions are simply not appropriate.